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Hedgehog – C&C

This delicious snack is handmade by Florian with Caramelised Premium Spanish Almond Strips, offering a delicious creamy nut flavour and firm, crunchy texture.


Dark Hedgehog: ALMOND, SOY Lecithin Milk Hedgehog: ALMOND, Whole MILK Powder, SOY Lecithin
May contain nuts

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They are slightly salted with the famous Fleur de Sel from Guerande, France. This unique salt harvested in Aigues-Mortes adds a delicate taste, making our Hedgehogs extremely addictive.

The Almonds are finished with a thin coating of Milk 40% Chocolate or Dark 66% Chocolate.

The perfect treat for your afternoon tea, or at any time.  Tasty, crunchy and delicious – and also a healthy snack.

Our Hedgehogs are gluten free.

Choose the dark Hedgehog if you are looking for a dairy free or vegan option.

Our Hedgehogs are available in a superb gift box, available in two sizes: Box of 105g or 200g

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