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Time to refill your 6 trays macaron tower for your next event?

Be creative to redesign your tower. You can choose one flavour per tray or have a colourful tower alternating your favourite flavours.

Choose any macarons from our classical range including Vanilla, Caramel Chocolate, Raspberry, Salted Butter Caramel, Pistachio, Mojito (Lime & Mint), Passion Fruit & Milk Chocolate, Yuzu Tarragon, Gin & Tonic & Grapefruit, Praline Cinnamon, Chocolate Manjari, Pecan Nut, Basil Raspberry, Orange Cointreau, Lemon & Bergamot and Peruvian Coffee.

Please keep our macarons in the fridge and consume them within 5 days from the date of collection.

Your tower can be set up to 8 hours at room temperature (less 25 degrees). Please make sure the tower is not on direct sunlight, near a window without closed curtains or near a radiator on.

If you are looking for the macaron tower & the macarons, please visit our product page: “Reusable Macaron Tower (78 macarons)”.

Composition of the tower

The Tower is made of 6 trays which hold a recommended number of macarons:

  • 1st tray:  5 macarons (4 + 1 on the top)
  • 2nd tray: 8 macarons
  • 3rd tray: 11 macarons
  • 4th tray: 15 macarons
  • 5th tray: 18 macarons
  • 6th tray: 21 macarons

For a total of 78 macarons.

You will receive 5 trays of 16 macarons for a total of 80 giving you 2 spare macarons if needed.

Please note that our macarons are handmade and size/colour may slightly vary.

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