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Looking for a show-stopping centrepiece for your next event?

Our Large Macaron Tower is the perfect addition! The tower is made up of over 192 delicious and colourful Macarons and can be customised to match any colour scheme.

Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it’s also reusable, making it a sustainable choice for your event. Impress your guests with this stunning and tasty tower

The Macaron Tower is made of 10 different trays which can hold up to 192 Macarons for a total height of 50 cm.

Be creative when designing your Tower!  You can choose one flavour per tray or have a truly colourful Tower,  alternating your favourite flavours.

Please keep your Macarons in the fridge and consume within 5 days.

Your tower can be set up to 8 hours at room temperature (under 25 degrees). Please make sure the tower is not in direct sunlight or near a radiator. Just add the cake on top at the last minute.

Just order any of our Macaron refills ( 78 Macarons / 112 Macarons/ 192 Macarons) a few days before your next event.

Composition of the tower

The Tower is made of 10 trays which hold a recommended number of Macarons:

  • 1st tray:  5 macarons (4 + 1 on the top)
  • 2nd tray: 8 macarons
  • 3rd tray: 11 macarons
  • 4th tray: 15 macarons
  • 5th tray: 18 macarons
  • 6th tray: 21 macarons
  • 7th tray: 23 macarons
  • 8th tray: 27 macarons
  • 9th tray: 31 macarons
  • 10th tray: 33 macarons

For a total of 192 macarons.

You will receive 12 trays of 16 Macarons for a total of 192 Macarons.

Please note that our Macarons are handmade and sizes / colour may vary slightly.

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