Bulk 50 Macarons Box


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Don’t need a fancy packaging?

Our Bulk 50 Macarons Boxes offer the best value.

They will give you the freedom to display them the way you want.

Each tray contains 25 macarons of the same flavour.

Please choose two flavours per box from the classical range including Vanilla, Ginger, Raspberry, Salted Butter Caramel, Pistachio, Mojito (Lime & Mint), Passion Fruit & Milk Chocolate, Yuzu Tarragon, Gin & Tonic, Praline Cinnamon, Chocolate Manjari, Caramel 5 Spices, Basil Raspberry, Red Fruit Tea & Chocolate, Lemon & Bergamote and Peruvian Coffee.

Our macarons can be kept up to 5 days in the fridge but they will have to be consumed on the day of your event.

You are welcome to set up the macarons up to 8 hours at room temperature (less 25 degrees). Please make sure they are not on direct sunlight, near a window without closed curtains or near a radiator / fire on.

Please contact us within 10 working days prior to your event to discuss any specific requirement on 07947 587 382.